Shower Bench Seats

Shower and Bath tub stools and chairs are useful bathing aids especially meant for elderly, invalid, disabled or obese people who are unable to move or stand for too long taking a bath or a shower.

There are many different types of bath and shower chairs available on the market and many of these can easily be ordered online from Amazon, from ebay or from here.

Questions to Consider Before Buying

Assess your needs by answering the following questions:

  • Who will use it? Elderly, invalid, disabled or Obese/Big/Heavy person
  • Where will it be used? Is it in a shower or a bath tub?
  • Will there be a need to move it about or will it be in a fixed position or seldom moved
  • How much space do you have in your bath tub or shower? Will it fit?
  • Do you want it in a corner or mounted on the wall?

Common Types of Shower or Bath Tub Bench Seats, Chairs and Stools

Whether you desire a simple light weight portable stool, a solid wooden stool, wall mounted seats, corner stools, transfer benches or even electrically operated bath lift chairs for your walk in shower or bathroom, it is not difficult to find the perfect one at the right price. Some of the more common categories available are:

Commode or Cut Out Seat

A commode is a type of shower chair or bench that also has a hole cut out on the seat to allow for use of the toilet without having to get off the chair or bench. Some commodes also have a detachable toilet bowl that can be fixed below the cut out when needed while some also have wheels attached to them such that they can easily be wheeled from place to place. Click here to see the best ones.

Teak Shower Bench Seats

Teak is a type of wood and is the number one choice of material for wooden shower seats. The greatest advantage of the teak stools is the fact that they do not rust after long periods of usage unlike the metal based chairs. Teak benches are usually solidly built and water resistant. Click here to see the best ones.

Bath Tub Lift Chairs

Bath Lift Chairs are battery or electric powered chairs that can raise and lower the user into or out of the bath tub. They can be a lifesaver for people who are unable to climb into or out of the bath tub and can be a useful money saving alternative to installing a walk in shower. Click here to see the best ones.

Best Places to Buy Online

Of all the online stores that were checked, Amazon had the best deals and lowest price for shower bench seats and chairs and if you are lucky you may be eligible for free shipping. Click Here for Latest Discounts on Shower Seats, Stools and Tub Chairs on Amazon