Benches and Stools for Showers and Tubs

DecoTeak Classic Teak Corner Spa Shower Chair Amazon

A shower stool made of teak

Benches for showers and Bath tub stools and chairs are useful bathing aids especially meant for elderly, invalid, disabled or obese people who are unable to move or stand for too long taking a bath or a shower.

There are many different types of bath and shower chairs available on the market and many of these can easily be ordered online from Amazon, from ebay or from here.

Types of Shower or Bath Tub Bench Seats, Chairs and Stools

Whether you desire a simple light weight portable stool, a solid wooden stool, wall mounted seats, corner stools, transfer benches or even electrically operated bath lift chairs for your walk in shower or bathroom, it is not difficult to find the perfect one at the right price. Some of the more common categories available are:


Questions to Consider Before Buying

Folding Shower Bench Stool

Foldable Shower Bench

Assess your needs by answering the following questions:

  • Who will use it? Elderly, invalid, disabled or Obese/Big/Heavy person
  • Where will it be used? Is it in a shower or a bath tub?
  • Will there be a need to move it about or will it be in a fixed position or seldom moved
  • How much space do you have in your bath tub or shower? Will it fit?
  • Does it come pre-assembled or not?
  • Do you want it in a corner or mounted on the wall?

How to Select the Right Bath or Shower Chair to Buy

The best way to pick a good shower chair that you will not regret purchasing is to do some research and check out online reviews for the product left by other people who have bought the same chair seat. The best places to check are on eBay, Amazon or even the websites of the manufacturers themselves.

Amazon.com_ NOVA 8805 Drop Arm Shower Transport Chair Commode_ Health & Personal

Commode with Wheels

You can also read the reviews that I have written here on this website by checking the links to your right hand side.

I work as a caregiver for elderly, obese and physically challenged patients and in the course of my work, I am opportuned to test a wide range of mobility and bath aids and have become conversant with the best and worst of the lot. On this website, I share my knowledge and experiences from using and seeing other people use these products and I hope that these reviews will help you to take the right decision so as not to end up buying a bad product.

Best Places to Buy Online

Of all the online stores that were checked, Amazon had the best deals and lowest price for shower bench seats and chairs and if you are lucky you may be eligible for free shipping. Click Here for Latest Discounts on Shower Seats, Stools and Tub Chairs on Amazon


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